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## CFD and CFX
The given data are 3D models (STL). With these models a fluid simulation can be done and exported to CASE. ParaView is used to convert the simulation data to VTK. In the Unity application VTK data can be parsed to VF files. To import the 3D models into unity they can be converted from STL to OBJ in blender.
* [Simulation](*/wikis/Simulation)
* [CASE File Format](Case File Format)
* [Convert to VTK](Convert to VTK)
* [Simulation](
* [CASE File Format](
* [Convert to VTK](
* Convert to OBJ
## Unity
* Parse to VF
* VFX Graph
* [Shader Graph](Shader Graph)
* [Shader Graph](
* UI
## Data & Documentation
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